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Hybrid/All-Remote Transition Request Form - WHS

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Recognizing that planning is required in order to provide continuity in the student’s educational program and to arrange the appropriate staff and resources, a Westfield High School parent/guardian must use this form to request a transition from hybrid, in-person instruction to fulltime remote learning or vice versa at the high school.

To allow for optimal continuity of instruction, a WHS parent/guardian who wishes a student to transition from all-remote learning to hybrid, in-person instruction must be submitted via this online form at least two weeks before the beginning of the next marking period PLEASE NOTE: Forms not submitted by the two-week deadline before the start of the next marking period will not be considered; the child will remain on fulltime remote learning throughout the following marking period.

  • February 5, 2021 – 3rd Marking Period Begins
  • April 20, 2021 – 4th Marking Period Begins 

A request to transition from hybrid, in-person instruction to fulltime remote learning must submit a request using this online form at least two days prior to the requested start date of fulltime remote learning so that teachers can be notified.  PLEASE NOTE: The student will remain on fulltime remote instruction until the end of the current marking period.

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IMPORTANT:  If you are requesting to transfer your child to remote learning due to possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, you must contact your school health office for further guidance.

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