Le Grand Concours

Each year, the American Association of Teachers of French organizes a nationwide French exam called “Le Grand Concours”.  This year, over 75,000 elementary and secondary students participated in the contest nationally.

A total of 45 students took part at Westfield High School this year, 36 of them earning accolades for their achievement in the form of one platinum medal, six gold medals, thirteen silver medals, nine bronze medals and seven honorable mentions.

“Bravo to all of the students who participated,” say WHS French teachers Méri Beliveau, Marie-Laure Hoffmann, and Rachel Janus.


Louise-Marie Sur earned this ultimate prize by ranking number one at both the chapter and national levels.


Justin Anderson - Gold
    (Placed 1st in the chapter ranking and 2nd nationally)

Cynthia Li – Gold

Matthew Swenson – Gold
Cayla Capistrano – Silver

Ella Conover - Silver

Carmen Fiorindo - Silver

Matilda Horn - Silver

Rachel Hu - Silver
Casey Laguna - Silver

Ava Pravlik - Silver

Amy Xiao - Silver

Lilyana Demerdjieva - Bronze

            Olivia Terry – Bronze

Kimberly DiFilippo – Honorable Mention

Alice Lisak – Honorable Mention

Takekuni Tanemori – Honorable Mention



            Alexandra Savin - Gold

Benjamin Zakharenko – Gold
Zahra Ahmed  - Silver  

Xenia Kobori - Silver

Sean Marner - Silver

Eric Mordkovich - Silver

Bianca Popa - Silver


Stephen Park - Gold 
Julia Csorba - Bronze

Marcelina Krowinska - Bronze

Theresa Lizzo - Bronze

Greta McLaughlin - Bronze

Elijah Soh - Bronze

Abigail Sternberg – Bronze

David Broughton – Honorable Mention

Sandrine Perez – Honorable Mention

            William Surks – Honorable Mention



Mark Johnson - Bronze

Sara Shen – Honorable Mention


Source: Westfield Public Schools