World Language Honors

Many Westfield High School students received recognition for their achievements in world languages this year.  Fifty-two students recently were inducted into the National Honor Societies for French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, with 19 excelling in French, 14 in Spanish, 14 in Italian, and 5 in Chinese.  Additionally, 90 WHS seniors attained the Seal of Biliteracy, an award granted to students who achieved proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation.

We are very proud of our students' accomplishments. Both the Seal of Biliteracy and membership in a World Language Honor Society are prestigious designations for Westfield High School students,” says Enrique Pincay, Supervisor of K-12 World Languages/ELL.  “In today's globalized world, individuals with multilingual skills and multicultural awareness are highly sought after by higher education institutions and employers.”

Source: Westfield Public Schools