ACT Perfect Scorers

Eleven Westfield High School students earned perfect scores of 36 on ACT subject areas in the 2020-2021 school year.  “I would like to commend you for this outstanding achievement,” said WHS principal Mary Asfendis to the students.  “It speaks volumes about your abilities and commitment to your education.”

September 2020

  • Emma Jepsen,12th grade – English
  • Carsen Sharkey, 11th grade – Reading

October 2020

  • Sean Hazard, 12th grade – Math
  • Carsen Sharkey, 11th grade – Science, STEM, English, Reading

 December 2020

  • Justin Anderson, 11th grade – Math, Science, STEM
  • Kaiyang Zhu, 11th grade – Science, STEM, English

February 2021

  • Vivian Jeckell, 11th grade – Reading

April 2021

  • Mateo Beltran, 11th grade – Science and English
  • Patrick Gallagher, 11th grade – Reading
  • Katherine Miles, 11th grade – Reading
  • Jacob Root, 11th grade – Science, STEM, English, Reading
  • Evan Tompkins, 11th grade – Math, English



First Row (L-R): Justin Anderson, Carsen Sharkey, Evan Tompkins, WHS Principal Mary Asfendis

Second Row (L-R):  Vivian Jeckell, Jacob Root, Mateo Beltran

Third Row (L-R):  Emma Jepsen, Sean Hazard, Patrick Gallagher

Not Pictured:  Katherine Miles, Kaiyang Zhu

Source: Westfield Public Schools