Math Modeling Challenge

Kudos to members of two WHS teams who competed in February in the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge, collaborating for 14 consecutive hours and using different modeling processes to try to solve a real-world challenge problem. 
The challenge problem for the competition, which took place on a weekend, was "Remote Work: Fad or Future." 
Junior class team members were: Andrew Matus, Owen Craig, Katherine Li, Cooper DelGandio, and Audrey Jones.  Senior class team members were: Ashley Talwar, Amy Xiao, Cynthia Li, Lilian Qin, and Adrien Bekker.
The WHS juniors were among 113 out of of the 612 competing teams whose solution was selected to advance to a second round.
WHS mathematics teacher Zorana Culjak says all of the students who took part in this extremely challenging math competition were "thrilled for the experience and for the joy of learning."


Source: Westfield Public Schools