WHS Students Receive Honorable Mention in NYT Podcast Contest

A podcast created by a group of WHS students received an Honorable Mention in a first-ever podcast contest by the New York Times.


"By way of background, student groups in our Humanities class worked tirelessly on researching one of 7 assigned renaissances and created a podcast that explored a particular innovation or innovator from the assigned renaissance as well as a modern day innovator or innovation that is connected to the same," says social studies teacher Kimberly Leegan who, with English teacher Steven Cohn, designed the project.


Leegan says the students also appeared before a panel of judges (librarians Julie Walsh and Lesley Cora and master technoogy teacher Adam Pizzi) to determine if they had sufficient information to proceed, drafted and edited scripts, conducted interviews and recorded/edited the podcasts. Out of 675 entries submitted to the NYT competition, there were just 10 winners, 7 runners-up and 9 Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to all.

Read more in the NYT link below. Be sure to scroll down to the Honorable Mentions list to listen to the podcast entitled "The Evolution of African Music," created by Kate Evans, Jenna Goldberg, Holden Grantz, Jack Sumas and Benjamin Zakharenko.


Source: Westfield Public Schools