WHS Students Achieve Perfect Scores on Summer SAT/ACT

Twenty Westfield High School students were commended by principal Dr. Derrick Nelson for receiving perfect scores on ACT and/or SAT subject tests/areas over the summer.  “It speaks volumes about your abilities and commitment to your education,” said Nelson.  The students are:

 ACT June 2018

12th Graders:

  • Jonas Dengler in Reading
  • Lauren Greenspan in English and Reading
  • Mark Johnson in English
  • Brooke Sullivan in Reading
ACT July 2018

12th Graders
  • Andrew Caminiti in Science & STEM
  • Ethan Jaffe in Reading
  • Michelle Israel in English 
11th Graders
  • Spencer Feinstein in Reading                  
  • Ian Gurland in Math, STEM, English and Reading       

SAT June 2018
11th graders:
  • Ian Gurland in Math Level 2
  • Kurt Hu in Math Level 2
  • Alexander Joseph in Math Level 2
  • Aiden Kilbourn  in Math Level 2

 12th graders:

  • Julianne Aronson in Math Level 2
  • Alison Brown in Math Level 2
  • Austin Chen in Chemistry              
  • Justin Joseph in Math Level 2
  • Sean Root in Math Level 2
  • Ethan Useloff in Math Level 2

 SAT August 2018 

  • 12th Grader Julia Plawker in Math Level 2
  • 11th Grader Thomas Lupicki in Chemistry

Source: Westfield Public Schools