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The Role of the Counseling Department Secretary
The secretaries of the Westfield High School Counseling Department are very much involved in all of our daily activities. Their responsibilities of the staff include the following:
  • Registration of new students/withdrawal of current students
  • Plan for the November College Night
  • Coordinate information sessions with college admissions representatives for students (issue passes)
  • Assist student with local scholarship
  • Assign student lockers with combinations and locker repairs
  • Supply Working Papers
  • Issue Interim Reports and Report Cards
  • Coordinate appointments for Junior Conferences with parents, students and counselors
Requesting Transcripts:

In order to request a transcript for colleges, scholarships, NCAA, employment, etc. please contact the secretary who handles the part of the alphabet that contains your last name:

Michelle Quezada: A - F
Kerry Harrigan: G-M
Mary Monahan: N-Z

How to contact our secretaries: