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FAQs for 8th Grade Conferences





  1. What if my child would like to relinquish his/her lunch period in order to make room for an elective?


All 9th and 10th grade students must have a lunch period scheduled.  We believe that students have ample time during the day to pursue their academic and extracurricular endeavors.  We ask that all 9th and 10th grade students have a lunch period because we aim to emphasize the importance of wellness and balance in a student’s life.


  1. Does every elective meet the same amount of time per week?


Yes, electives meet five (5) days per week.


  1. What is “Block First Period” and why would I want to do it?


“Block First Period” means that the student will NOT be given a class that meets during period 1.  This option is made available because we recognize that 7:30 is not an ideal starting time for all students.  If students wish to begin their day during period 2 (8:17 a.m.), they must submit the appropriate “Block First Period” paperwork by the deadline.


  1. How do Physical Education exemptions work?


It should first be understood that the school is not eager to permit physical education exemptions.  That is, we recognize that some students need time to utilize our school’s resources because of full schedules.  However, we will not fill a student’s schedule simply to make the student eligible for a physical education exemption.


Unless enrolled in health, Project Adventure, or Driver Theory, students are exempt from physical education if they are members of an interscholastic team or marching band (while those teams are participating in interscholastic competitions) and have a full schedule of classes (nine periods including lunch).  They are granted the exemption so they can have access to school facilities and teacher resources during the school day.  For more information on physical education exemptions, students and parents should consult the electronic student handbook at


  1. What if my child wants to be on the swim team?  How can that be fit into his/her schedule?


Students planning to join the Westfield High School Swim Team will be scheduled for Physical Education during period 9 if they have a full schedule (nine periods including lunch).  If a student is not taking a full schedule, their ninth period will be blocked.  This consideration is given because swim team practices and home competitions are scheduled during the school day (9th period).  Swimmers are not eligible to block first period.



  1. What is the Westfield High School Attendance Policy?


Westfield High School students must attend 90% of the class sessions for each of the courses in which they are enrolled.  Therefore, the school limits absences to no more than 18 class sessions missed in full-year courses, nine (9) class sessions missed in semester courses, and five (5) class sessions missed during the fourth quarter or in marking period courses.  All absences for all reasons are recorded and charged toward a student’s attendance record.  Absences occasioned by religious observances or school sponsored activities are recorded but are not charged toward a student’s attendance record.  For an absence to be excused, a written note signed by a parent or guardian and specifying a legitimate reason must be presented to the Attendance Office upon the student’s return.  Unexcused absences (class cutting) are penalized and are also recorded and charged toward a student’s attendance record.  Students who do not meet the 90% attendance requirement and/or who cut five (5) sessions of a full year course or three (3) sessions of a semester or marking period course may become ineligible to receive course credit.


  1. How can my student get involved with the clubs and activities at Westfield High School?


The Westfield High School Club program is designed to make available as many different types of clubs and activities as possible to meet the interests of the student body.  The plans, activities, and functions of each club are decided upon and carried out by the members of their elected officers with the help of an adviser.  The success of each activity depends upon the loyalty and the work of the members.


Students can learn more about each club from the Student Activities Club list that is available on the Westfield High School website.  Students should also attend Club Day.  Club Day is sponsored by the Student Council and is held during the school day in mid to late September.  The time is designated for students to learn more about the clubs that are offered and sign up to become a part of the organizations.  Additionally, students are encouraged to contact the school administration if they believe a club or organization that is not offered would be beneficial to the student body.


  1. How will I be notified if my child cannot be scheduled for all of the courses that were requested?


Towards the end of June, an email will be sent advising when the Portal will be opened for viewing your child’s courses for the 2017/2018 school year.  We will work to see that every child gets at least one (1) elective, however, we cannot guarantee that every student will get his/her top elective.  Please contact your child’s counselor if you have questions or concerns.